Effortless Property Enhancement: Maximising Value with Minimal Effort


  • No investment required from the property owner or manager
  • Only users pay for charging and only for what they use


  • No upfront or ongoing resource required from the property owner
  • Charger & electricity usage is billed directly to the user


  • One agreement with ChargeGuru solves all future charging requirements
  • Increase the value of your property & attract new residents

The requirement to provide EV charging options for your residents is inevitable. ChargeGuru's all-inclusive model offers a fully-funded solution for landlords and property managers to provide to your residents.

Our model – also known as ZEPLUG outside of the UK – is specifically designed for apartment buildings to enable sustainable growth without any investment by the landlord or property manager. The cost of the individual charger, installation and electricity consumption are billed directly only to residents who have a ChargeGuru subscription, with other residents not paying a penny.

Charging for the Real Estate Industry

Upfront Cost

Based on our remote evaluation of the technical elements of your building(s), we can confirm a no-cost, scalable charging solution for your building or portfolio, enabling access to and administering existing OZEV grants.


We take care of everything. Setup of a new electricity meter, charger installation, resident billing; we manage all aspects relating to your charging solution.


ChargeGuru installs and manages the charging infrastructure, then places individual chargers at each resident’s dedicated parking space upon their request, whether it's in 1 month, 1 year, or 1 decade from now!

Safe &

We operate and maintain all of the chargers to ensure that they are safe and reliable, resulting in happy residents and trouble-free property owners.

The Right Infrastructure for Every Building.
The Right Subscription for Every User.

Whether you wish to invest in the common infrastructure yourself, or like the idea of a zero-cost option through our apartment block solution, ChargeGuru can help. We're on a mission to make EV Charging simple, for everyone. And whilst we believe the fully-funded solution offers the perfect blend of charging now and scalability for the future; we also provide other charging solutions for you and your residents. We are happy to discuss and advise you on which model best suits your building, just contact us and we'll do the rest!

The installation of ChargeGuru’s scalable charging infrastructure in apartment buildings is free of charge for the landlord or property manager. When a resident is interested in installing a charger in their parking space, we will carry out the installation of the shared infrastructure at zero cost for other residents.

Only residents who wish to install an EV charger in their parking space will have to pay for their individual installation. The prices are known in advance and are the same for all residents.

We take care of the entire process. Installation of the shared infrastructure in the car park, selection and installation of chargers, grant & subsidy management and charger maintenance. We also take care of billing and ensure accuracy based on electricity consumption, with no action required from the property managers or residents.

The shared infrastructure we install is future-proof. Once the initial installation has been carried out in the car park, each resident can request the installation of a charger on their parking space at zero cost for their neighbours or property manager.

Once the charger is installed for a resident, they will own their charger.


ChargeGuru provides 100% green energy. We also guarantee affordable energy costs, leveraging peak and off-peak tariffs.




Nexity is bringing the future of charging to residential buildings in France utilising our all-inclusive charging infrastructure. Over 500 of the residential buildings managed by Nexity have opted for the ChargeGuru solution – referred to as the 'Zeplug solution' outside of the UK.


Customer-oriented management of buildings is the core business of French property management company Foncia (part of Emeria group). Making EV charging simple and reliable for property managers and residents is our goal. Over 2,000 of the properties managed by Foncia have opted to be powered by ChargeGuru solutions.

In the wrong place?

If you're a resident in an apartment and would like to bring our fully-funded EV charging solution to your building, we're here to help.

Just need a charger?

If you're confident you just need a singular EV charger installed on your property, take our quick survey and we'll have a personalized quote ready for you in no time.