Charging Solutions for Apartment Buildings

ChargeGuru makes it easy to install charging points in apartment building car parks.

Zero cost for the building

The required electrical pre-installation in the car park is free of charge for the building and its residents.

Safe and easy to maintain

ChargeGuru handle design, installation, operation & maintenance - providing complete security & peace of mind.

Scalable solution

Each resident chooses when to have their charger installed: today, next month or in a few years.

Scalable Solution for Apartment Buildings

Even if only one resident is interested in installing a charger immediately, we take care of adapting and deploying a shared electrical infrastructure at zero upfront cost; empowering each resident to decide when to get their charger installed in the future.

  • Scalable charging infrastructure, with zero costs for the building owner
  • Complete end-to-end process management
  • Assistance and maintenance
  • Compliance with technical regulations
  • Management of OZEV grants & subsidies

The installation of ChargeGuru’s scalable charging infrastructure in apartment buildings is free of charge for the landlord or property manager. When a resident is interested in installing a charger in their parking space, we will carry out the installation of the shared infrastructure at zero cost for other residents.

Only residents who wish to install an EV charger in their parking space will have to pay for their individual installation. The prices are known in advance and are the same for all residents.

We take care of the entire process. Installation of the shared infrastructure in the car park, selection and installation of chargers, grant & subsidy management and charger maintenance. We also take care of billing and ensure accuracy based on electricity consumption, with no action required from the property managers or residents.

The shared infrastructure we install is future-proof. Once the initial installation has been carried out in the car park, each resident can request the installation of a charger on their parking space at zero cost for their neighbours or property manager.

Once the charger is installed for a resident, they will own their charger.


ChargeGuru provides 100% green energy. We also guarantee affordable energy costs, leveraging peak and off-peak tariffs.

Looking for alternative charging solutions?

If you are an individual and not interested in our shared infrastructure service, you can check out our other options for charging in apartment buildings.

Need help contacting your landlord?

You can use our helpful template to get your landlord onboard with the idea or if your landlord is ready is to go, contact us now!

In the wrong

If you're a landlord or property manager interested in outfitting your buildings with our fully-funded EV charging solution, we're here to help.

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