ChargeGuru offers a complete EV charging solution for you and your residents. With our fully-funded solution, we handle installation & maintenance and provide zero-cost options for scaleable charging infrastructure across one or multiple sites.


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We assess the requirements for your property, apply for available government funding, and handle the end-to-end installation process of your EV charging solution. If the installation requires your neighbours to get on board, we'll coordinate with your landlord.




As a landlord or managing agent, you could claim up to a total of £850 per charging station with the EV infrastructure grant for residential car parks - administered by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

The infrastructure element of the grant contributes up to £500 for each parking space that is "wired up" and enables a chargepoint to be added to the space quickly and easily.

The other £350 is available for the purchase and installation of the charger itself. You can claim both elements of the grant independently or in conjunction with each other.

At ChargeGuru, we help you understand exactly what grants are available to you in order to design & install the perfect charging solution. We'll then help you claim any OZEV grants which apply to your installation. That's EV charging, made simple.

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Depending on your requirements and the scenario at your building(s), ChargeGuru can offer one or a mix of these options to provide the perfect charging solution for your apartment.


Request permission from the managing agent and freeholder(s) to install an individual charging station in your parking space. Check out our useful “email to managing agent” template to get you started.

Your charging station will most likely need to be connected to the communal electricity board. Our software enables the managing agent to know how much electricity you’ve used so they can invoice you directly for the cost.

Advantages: "Minimalist" solution, suitable for small buildings with indoor parking or scenarios where the managing agent or freeholder(s) aren’t ready to deploy a more scalable charging solution.


Install one or more communal charging stations in shared parking spaces for use by anyone living in the apartment building(s).

With this option, residents can charge their EV’s by using ChargeGuru’s app or an RFID card. This allows us to charge the residents directly, then allowing us to reimburse the managing agent. Alternatively, we can provide the information for the managing agent to invoice residents directly.

Advantages: Great for buildings with outdoor parking where installing a charger in each parking space would be complex. It allows all residents to switch to an electric vehicle as soon as they wish.


ChargeGuru's scalable solution offers a fully funded EV charging solution for landlords, property managers & residents alike. 

ChargeGuru designs, installs and pays for the shared electrical infrastructure. Whenever a resident decides to ‘go electric’ - ChargeGuru will install an individual charger in the resident’s dedicated parking space. Our solution has already been trusted throughout Europe in over 15,000 buildings.

Advantages: This solution offers zero upfront cost the property manager or owner. It also means that only residents who have an electric vehicle pay for any of the installation or ongoing costs. Is suitable for large apartment buildings with indoor parking, where the number of electric vehicles is likely to quickly increase.

Trusted Software Solutions: Why Choose ChargeGuru?

Multiple Payment Options

Residents can pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card or charge key.

Dynamic Pricing

You set the tariff of your charger(s), which can be based on time of day, user type, overstay fees & much more.

Easy Bookkeeping

We collect payment & reimburse you at the rate you have set for your charger(s), with real-time cost & revenue tracking.

Smart Booking

You can choose to allow residents to book charging times for shared chargers via the app, ensuring fair usage.

Station Health Monitoring

We remotely diagnose and repair most faults. If it can’t be repaired remotely, we’ll send an engineer.


We work with various chargepoint manufacturers to ensure that we can provide you with the perfect charging solution. More choice for you!

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